Regaining classicism, running through history and origin. A timeless classic Zodiac Portents Playing Card.

The word "Zodiac" as we know is from the culture of Greece and Babylon, but the image of the animals and names can be found in Sumerian cuneiform much earlier which call the constellation UL.HE, that means the shining animal, and gose to the present. That is how the constellation be charming and mysterious.

The Zodiac have carried the most ancient civilization to the present. So I revisited the origin of constellations and astrology based on the research of the Zodiac.

For the classic elements I referenced a important astronomy book "Atlas Céleste de Flamstéed" written by John Flamsteed, a astronomer and Fortin, a cartographer. It published in London in 1729.The book I referenced is the a reprinted version in Paris in 1795.

I redrawn the images, keep most part of the classic, and combine the modern elements. For example about the Capricorn which combined the elements of the Sumerian Civilization.

  • Special custom backs and faces
  • 56 cards(54cards+2Joker+2Gaff Card)
  • Box use high-quality royal black card and Foil +Embossing
  • Use all full Pantone special Color print.
  • Print in Taiwan 808 Card Factory and use the high level Casino paper and finish.

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