Special Note:

Due to the large size and weight of the WOODEN PLAYING CARDS CABINET, the international freight is extremely high.

Therefore, this can't be participate in our 49$ Free shipping event.

WOODEN PLAYING CARDS CABINET will be charged part of the shipping fee (20$ each).

If you buy more than 1,we will recalculate the shipping cost and email you to confirm the amount.

The actual shipping cost is more than this, and the extra shipping cost will be borne by TCC.

Thank you for your understanding.

For playing card enthusiasts

Each one of playing card enthusiasts will definitely not throw their collections here and there. So here comes the question, where would you place your collections?

On the desk?

On your shelf?

Or, just in your drawer to be covered with dust?

There is one more option now, why not choose our Wooden Playing Cards Cabinet.

Each one of them was made of high-grade Black walnut and treated with Non-toxic and environmental protection varnish. It’s the soul mate and the best place to live for your cards no matter for displaying or collecting.

Perfect Detail 

A popular way to display playing cards, 3×5 placing room for 15 decks collection. You can even use it to make your exhibition corner.

Special structural design, close splice between boards, concealed and solid seams make you want to open the cabinet to explore it outside and inside.

All boards are 5 mm thick and polished. The size of each empty slot is 2.4 cm*6.7 cm. Each standard size of cards is properly placed in. The opening of 3 cm in diameter is reserved between each empty slot to provide a comfortable and smooth experience for taking out.

Its semi-enclosed design allows you to locate your playing cards easily.

You can remove the decks of cards more conveniently because of the cabinet's scientific dimension design.

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