Collection Box
Card Jacket
WOLFRAM V3 Gilded Edition
WOLFRAM V3 Standard Edition (Without Card Case)


“Wouge et Noir”, the third generation of Wolfram.

“Wouge et Noir”, derived from “Rouge et Noir”, will be the first product of Wolfram’s newly created “W series” in 2020. Please find the key breakthroughs we would make on this product as follows.

Collection Box:

While still maintaining its function as a gift, “Wouge et Noir” will be packed with an exquisite Collection Box that will be made with high-grade paper.

Card Jacket:

Using real leather will be adopted for this product. The leather is made of high-grade calfskin, which features good elasticity and smooth feel.

Will be handmade by craftsmen, who are of more than 7 years’ standing and often make high-end leather bags for CK Premium and Samantha. It is very difficult to polish the structure of this card jacket, especially the irregular leather part.

Will strictly comply with environmental requirements and all select up-to-standard dye material and accessories.

These factors make the cost of this product very high.


“Wouge et Noir” will be expected to be printed by Germany print machine. It will be smooth and good for making Riffle Fan and faro shuffle. Because it is specially designed for cardistry and magic tricks. We will use a new type of oil and strictly monitor its use and amount.


Casino paper,air cushion finish,laser cutting and new kind of painting oil,high quilty control,will be good for cardistry and performance.

“Wouge et Noir” will be limited to 998 decks with coded sealing labels (each deck has a unique number) and collection Boxes. Gift version will only make 800 sets,only 500 sets sell in playing card market.

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