Wolfram V1


The design of wolfram V1 is the beginning of implementing red and black for the entire brand. Different from the starting point of the traditional playing cards that focused on graphic design, the wolfram V1 consider more about the location that the cards will be used.

From the first moment you pick up the deck to the daily display and usage, its unique charm is shown ubiquitously. This deck of playing cards uses a combination of large color blocks in color selection, using subtle changes brought by different material combinations to create a sense of high quality that simultaneously satisfies both vision and touch.

The gift box contains a deck of wolfram V1 playing cards and a collection certificate. The gift box is made of special paper with excellent touch in beautiful red and black color.

The inside of the box is filled with a soft sponge, which provides all-round protection for the deck. At the same time, each gift box has a hand-painted lacquer seal, low-key but luxury.

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