D:  When I know I'm going to create a special edition of the exclusive playing card for such a great work as Card College. I am very excited. And hope to be able to make something different that people have never seen before. I hope that this Playing card can catch people’s eyes and can be a classic like Card College book. After a whole year of hard work. I think we made it happened.

What I hope to create is not only a superb product, but also an aesthetical pleasure and a moment of great emotion when you see and touch it. This is what I want, what I pursue, and the reason why I am willing to invest all my passion and effort.

As an extremely high-end and rare collection, we wanted the packaging to be as luxurious as possible. Black walnut was the perfect choice when it came to select the material for the storage case, as black walnut is considered the first choice for many luxury products.

When you see and feel it, you will be stunned by its dazzling look and the luscious feel of the wood.

After more than 20 proofs, endless optimization processes and after months of trial & error, we finally proudly present the definitive product:

  • Handmade with black walnut solid wood.
  • Covered with fine decorations printed with full-page metal ink.
  • The smoothly and silently running drawer is lined with fine flannelette for better protection of the decks.
  • Beautiful polished copper handle. 


 The deluxe package includes:

  • Contains 3 color decks:Wine Red / Indigo Blue / Deep Green ( with Gilded edge by USPCC ) 
  • Luxurious and elegant black walnut wooden box.
  • Finely customized certification.

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