To this day, unicorns and their subcultures have dominated the internet and fashion world, joining the flamingo as the twin of Instagram fashion.

Illustration by French illustrator Mango Grafiks.

We tweaked the traditional image of the unicorn in the card design to retain the highly recognizable image. And we replaced the original white tail and mane with pink reds, blues, yellows, and purples. The slender body has also been embellished to be more rounded.

Who wouldn't want to own a cute little unicorn of their own?

The back of the card is full of unicorns, but they are arranged repeatedly with significantly different details. Comets, planets with halo, constellations, and nebulae wrap the unicorn, and the unicorn strolling in the starry sky is infused with a vast soul. The card face uses pink and pink blue as the main tone, and the watercolor gradient design will please you.

Produced by TCC and printed by 808 in Taiwan. Thin, smooth hand feeling, born for cardistry.

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