Illustration by Russian artist Elizaveta Ruzanova.

Compared to the original 1,805 copies, the Ugly Duckling V2 is limited to 999, and only 500 are available to the public.

Although we design it in a completely different coquettish route, a gradual watercolor style can be continued—unique shading changes and the penetration effect on the picture, forming transparent texture.

The card face has been partially adjusted, and the suit part has been filled with watercolor texture. You can see the flow of watercolor on each card. The colors of the whole deck of cards are flexible and unified.

Four ACES design are based on the unique makeup features of the ballerinas when they play the black swan. The black feathers at the canthus, the slender wrists, the red lip color similar to the beak of the black swan, and the large area of white space give us imagination space.

A beautiful black swan appeared before my eyes.

Also, it inherited the design of the early version, comes with a foil stamping card box and unique decorative pattern. The high light silver part is the silver foil stamping, which makes the black card box shiny.

The design adopts Ugly Duckling around swans and the same silver decorative pattern as the previous version, continuing the elegance and romance of the fairy tale series.

Each deck is sealed with series numbered label with the name Andersen on it, in honor of Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer, and master of fairy tales.

  • Potential collection, fairy tale series
  • Hail to Hans Christian Andersen, master of fairy tales
  • Beautiful and charming dark fairy tales
  • Beautiful watercolor illustration
  • Sealing label with series number
  • Printed by 808 in Taiwan, China

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