"This is an impressive set. The cups are petite enough to be used anywhere, yet have a very pleasurable and solid weight in the hands. They are well balanced to allow any move you can think of. These cups will last for more than one lifetime."                                                                                  -Tom Stone


Only 3 sets in Stock & Free Shipping Worldwide & Ship in 24 Hours

The Tommy Wonder's Cups and Balls is now Available on TCC.



(This is Limited Edition of Tommy Wonder's Cups and Balls, please click here to view the regular version)

The Limited Edition Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set (Brass) are available through TCC at USD 375 per set. We only have 3 sets in stock. 

In Stock, ship within 24 hours.

There are only 25 sets authorized by the Tommy Wonder Estate and are an exact replica of the props described by Tommy Wonder for use in his Two-Cup Routine. 

This is definitely a set worth of being added to any Cups and Balls Collection and will become a highly sought-after set in the future. 

The Limited-Edition Set comes complete with: 

* Two straight cups with top-of-the-line craftsmanship; 
* One blue knitted bag (with large blue pom-pom ball) & three orange pom-pom balls; 
* Exquisite wooden storage box & certificate of authenticity signed by the producer; 
* Also included is additional pink knitted bag (with large pink pom-pom ball) & three yellow pom-pom balls.

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