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THE THREE SHELLS will be available on Nov 4 (11 am EST). / It can only be purchased at the beginning of the event.

The official will be $45 dollars.

And The ealrybird price is $29.9 for the TCC 10th Anniversary, which will start on November 4th and last for 10 days.

All in stocks and will be sent within 72 hours.


TCC Presents - The 3 Shells

First off, we will let the video do the talking.

Like the legendary Cups and Balls, the 3 Shell Game has a rich history that can be traced back to the 1670s.

Like the infamous 3 Card Monte, this gambling swindle has also long fascinated magicians and has been brought from the streets to the Magician’s stage to be performed for entertainment and educational purposes.

The 3 Shell Game was initially performed with real walnut shells. More recently, shells of different shapes, styles, and materials were manufactured especially for magicians.

We believe that a good set of Shells should have the following qualities:

  • It should be of a suitable weight. Not too heavy, but heavy enough to firmly cover the pea.
  • It should facilitate the steal of the pea.
  • The 3 shells should look identical to add to the deception.

The above qualities do exist in sets available on the market today. However, you would have needed to shell out (pun intended) large amounts of money for a set of quality shells.

TCC Presents - The 3 Shells.

  • Made of solid brass
  • Beautiful antique finish for that classic retro look.
  • Hefty and has a nice weight for better handling.
  • Smooth edges allow the shells to glide effortlessly across your performing surface.
  • Through countless research and experimentation, the peas you get are the perfect size and density.
  • Affordable, yet, of exquisite quality.
  • Easy to carry. It comes with a flannel carrying bag that fits the shells, peas, and even a shot glass if your routine requires it.
  • Full instructions is Included.

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