The King of Japan close-up magic!

Tomohiro Maeda (前田知洋) is honored as Japan's first professional close-up magician. At the same time, he is the creator of the technique [アンビシャスカード], and he has graced the cover of "Genii" magazine.


Tally Ho limited set:Casino Royal

Produced by the Japanese magician, Tomohiro Maeda (前田知洋)

Among card collectors, there is a group of collectors standing on top of the card-collecting food chain, amassing a collection of old and rare casino playing cards.

The more well-known among these casino playing cards are JN and GN. What these cards have in common is that they tend to be very expensive.

It never occurred to us that Tally-Ho has also landed in such a niche, fetching a price of almost USD150. Even more unexpectedly, it is actually a bargain at this price!

Back in 2009, the Casino Royale set was sold in Japan at the price of $18.

After being out of print, the price has risen by more than 700%, and occasionally exceeding the four-digit high price tag.

Initially, the reason for the popularity of the Casino Royal set was the instructions and the lucky chip.

The chip has been 3D cut and has a laser holographic effect. By rotating the chip, you can see the color of the cut face shine like a gem from different angles. Although it was made more than a decade ago, the craftsmanship still looks really cool.

Tomohiro Maeda’s logo and a black cat are printed on the front and back. In Japan, black cats were once a symbol of happiness and also plays the role of warding off evil spirits and blessing good fortune.

The instruction is a printed manual, which teaches three magic routines. Scan the QR code and you can see the demonstration video on the official website.

The deck comes with three Jokers and a blank card. In addition to the two usual Jokers, the other card is Tomohiro Maeda's logo.

Unlike other Tally Ho, this version has a metallic style rim around the back of the card.
Single decks of cards are also occasionally sold on eBay, with prices around $65.

Casino Royal Black TH Set, which includes:
Playing card * 1
Magic tutorial ×1
Chip ×1 (diameter 40)

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