In 2014, managing director of Shanghai's Bund18, Anson Chen, entrusted his friend Lawrence (CEO of Legends Playing Card Co.) to print a unique set of Playing cards commemorating the 10th anniversary of Bund18, which was never released to the public and is extremely rare. It's been a hit with collectors and sells for $299 for each deck on eBay.

The card also comes in a set that has never been released to the public and was only given to a handful of top VIPs at No. 18 Bund.Celebrities' love for these playing cards has a premium beyond imagination.

Shanghai's Bund18 was built in 1923 as the headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank in China and was awarded the 2006 UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Preservation Award.

It carries the historical mark of Shanghai's golden age and has redefined the modern face of Shanghai in the new century, making it one of the city's most famous landmarks.

  • The set was never publicly available and it is extremely rare
  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Co
  • Red and blue, bronzing card box

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