Black and white always exist in both Eastern and Western philosophy in a contrary way. There is hope in despair, dawn in the dusk, and light in shadow. Sensory White is another Promethean fire when the card is created. The black version pays more attention to conveying feelings, while the white version pays more attention to visual effects. They are similar but opposite.Another promethean fire

  • Limited to 2500
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Abstract and powerful lines
  • Special design suits and values
  • High-quality paper

About Lunzi: 

Lunzi is one of the most artistic people who has an innate sensitivity and talent for art we have ever met. People who have met him before describe him as “born to be an artist.”

He is well-versed in areas such as graphic design, videography, photography, and video production, and his work has a clear personal style. All of these skills are learned by himself without teaching all stems from his observation, summarization, and thinking, but not the imitating or learning of dogma. Most people knowing him because of his outstanding Cardistry skills. He incorporates his character and style into his cardistry and is also integrated into his brand——Grace & Gentle.

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