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Rogue Card is now open for Pre-Order. 

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Due to the hands-on and complex nature of the construction (each part needs to be hand-cut and assembled) pre-orders will ship earliest at the end of January 2022.

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TCC Christmas Special Release

Rogue Card by Ae Jay and TCC - A highly visual and memorable effects for the spectator.

Rogue Card by TCC & Ae Jay | Trailer from TCC Magic on Vimeo.

…the pips on the playing card displayed in the Magician’s hand began to split and move, turning into the spectators' selected card…

The above scenario should be familiar to you. As one of the leading visual card effects, the ‘Moving Pips’ has been a favorite of magic enthusiasts and master magicians all over the world after appearing on magic TV specials.

At the finals of America’s Got Talent 2018, Shin Lim used this plot as one of the effects in his finale routine.

Unlike most visual playing card changes, the effect is often attributed by laypeople to the magician’s ‘quickness’. The Moving Pips effect slowly shows the playing card morphing as if it was special effects.

In previous iterations, the Magician has to hold the playing card. What if the playing card could be completely isolated, yet still apparently transform on its own?

It was this very idea that Malaysian Magic Creator, Ae Jay, created the Rogue Card.

In fact, the Moving Pips effect has a history of more than 100 years, however, since Theodore DeLand created this effect, there might not have been a version more magical than the Rogue Card.

The use of long-distance controls and seemingly completely hands-off operations makes it a real reputation maker. Almost everyone who has seen the Rogue Card will have it burned in their memories.

"As a fabricator of Magic Illusions and a performer, I can really appreciate Ae Jay’s Rogue! Love it and I can’t wait to use it!’-Ray Lum, Las Vegas Illusion Fabricator.

Notwithstanding its straightforward effect and simple operation, Rogue Card has in fact gone through a rather difficult process. The original plan was to release it at the beginning of 2021, however, due to various issues, it was delayed, until now.

Issues encountered ranged from the design and construction to the proper material selection resulted in dozens of prototypes being scrapped. All issues were finally solved, but we still had one problem: everything had to be made and assembled purely by hand.

For this reason, we invited two playing card gimmick crafting masters, one is Lukas Liu, and Sam Li, both of who are in pursuit of perfect prop making, to take charge of the crafting of the props.

Even though they make props all year round, the time it takes to craft a set of Rogue takes them hours. Moreover, there is a high scrap rate, as one mistake means that they have to start all over.

The final product is tested to ensure its durability.

*Reputation Maker - highly visual and memorable for the spectator;
* Extremely simple operation;
* Long-distance remote control, instant response;
* Resets in 5 seconds;
* Purely handmade and assembled, precise and stable.s


[This product contains built-in batteries. There may be some restrictions on shipping. We will contact you if there are any changes to shipping.]

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