Black Friday Special Release - TCC Mystery Decks Box


Black Friday Special Release.

Only USD39.9 (Retails at over USD85).

Please note this will charged shipping alone.


You will receive:

-Black TCC Hard shell cardboard Half-Brick Playing Card Case

-At least one Tomohiro Maeda (前田知洋) TALLY HO BLACK (Extremely Rare), Retails at USD45.

-And other 5 MYSTERY DECKS (Retail price from USD7.99 each)


TALLY HO BLACK BY 前田知洋 is extremely rare, and the retail price is $45, produced by Japanese close-up magic master Tomohiro Maeda(前田知洋), has a unique metallic printing ink border on its back, which differentiates it from the regular Tally-Ho version. Made in USA, USPCC 2009.

For the other 5 MYSTERY DECKS, you may receive 5 random decks produced by TCC Playing Cards from below. (Scroll down to the bottom you will see a bigger picture. Possible color swapped decks, example Card College Red & Blue)

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