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TCC Mystery Decks Box

Product image 1TCC Mystery Decks Box
Product image 2TCC Mystery Decks Box
Product image 3TCC Mystery Decks Box
Product image 4Decks are for illustration purposes only
Product image 5TCC Mystery Decks Box
Product image 6TCC Mystery Decks Box

Regular price $39.90


Only USD39.9 (Retails at over USD85).

Please note this will charged shipping alone.


You will receive:

-Black TCC Hard shell cardboard Half-Brick Playing Card Case

-At least one Tomohiro Maeda (前田知洋) TALLY HO BLACK (Extremely Rare), Retails at USD45.

-And other 5 MYSTERY DECKS (Retail price from USD7.99 each)


TALLY HO BLACK BY 前田知洋 is extremely rare, and the retail price is $45, produced by Japanese close-up magic master Tomohiro Maeda(前田知洋), has a unique metallic printing ink border on its back, which differentiates it from the regular Tally-Ho version. Made in USA, USPCC 2009.

For the other 5 MYSTERY DECKS, you may receive 5 random decks produced by TCC Playing Cards from below. (Scroll down to the bottom you will see a bigger picture. Possible color swapped decks, example Card College Red & Blue)

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