Graceful girls, flexible lines, luxuriant plants, these unique "Moucha elements" together constitute a sweet and elegant Moucha world.

The girl in his paintings is pure, direct, and undisguised. Even if you don't know the story behind it, it can make people dizzy just by the charming appearance.

Musha was the first artist to see the general public as an audience truly, and since then, Western art has ceased to be an appendage of religion.

Visited the United States for the first time in 1904, he received a huge welcome and was hailed as "the world's greatest decorative artist."

He was a great artist who transcended his time. He not only left a strong mark on that star-studded era but also opened the next era.

The card box is designed with the elements of the "Four Seasons, Autumn."The face of the card is made up of Musha's famous illustrations.

The back is decorated with a one-way Byzantine headdress, distinguished from the illustration on the face.

The lower saturation makes the overall picture milder and the colors more classical.

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