Draw a deck of cards on the paper. Then a card is magically raised in the painting, and this is the card chosen by the audience. This plot should be familiar to all of you. It's the famous cardiographic.

However, there has always been a problem with this kind of effects, that is the props are not so easy to carry, even for the small notepad version, almost no one will bring an extra book in the pocket every day. It seems that there is no proper scene for this effect except for theater or parlour.

But now it's different. Liu Kaiyi, an artisan from Beijing, used his ingenious ideas to put this effect on a single playing card and made the mini version of the cardiographic which name is Mini Rising Card.

With the Mini Rising Card, you can make a very lifelike raising card effect on a single card, and if you want, this card could be given to the audience at the end as a souvenir.

With it, you can perform this classic effect anytime and anywhere.

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