Golden and Emboss:

Embossed hot stamping, to be delicate enough to look good. Liberate the natural temperament of the protagonist. Compared with traditional hot stamping, the cost of Embossed hot stamping we use on the Luxury T Playing Card is four times more expensive! But it deserves it.

Embossed hot stamping brings it to a new level, similar to that from bungalows to castles.

Pearl paper:

Each card case is made of luxury Italian imported paper with a shining pearl luster.

This grade of Pearl paper has never been used in playing cards. The reason is simple and obvious, it's expensive. Many of the world's top luxury brands use it for their packaging. It's not just the paper itself that costs a lot of money. It's enough to match this kind of packaging, which is enough to show how outstanding the luxury T playing card is.

Basic Information:

High-quality German paper,printed by MPC,each deck comes with 52 cards and 2 jokers. Standard poker size, smooth handling perfect for magic, cardistry, and collection. Luxury sword T, tailored for playing card collectors, is extremely rare.

This is a rare, special, and meaningful Deluxe Collector Set.

Deluxe Collector Set Contains:

  • Luxury Sword T ( Red)
  • Luxury Sword T ( Blue )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Green )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Orange )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Sky Blue )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Purple )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Gold )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Silver )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Bronze )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Black )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Pearl White )
  • Luxury Sword T ( Rose Gold )
  • Collection Box ( 12 Decks Version )

Deluxe Collector Set comes with a $39 exclusively limited collection box which is made of leather with flannelette inside, comfortable touch.

In addition to Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Sky Blue, Purple, it also contains Gold, Silver, Black, Bronze, Pearl White, and Rose Gold 6 extremely limited decks,12 decks in the Deluxe Collector Set in total.

Bronze, Pearl White, and Rose Gold Lxuxry T are specially made for this set, limited to 100 and extremely rare, numbered 001-100. Each deck in the set has a corresponding numbered seal. The color of the seal is luxurious black. Each deck of cards has the same seal.

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