Five years of dedication, we are proud of releasing the FFF 2.0:The Art of Mental Bending with New Revolutionary Device.You're about to learn an extremely VISUAL metal bending routine, and this may something that you may have been dreaming for years.FFF 2.0 comes with the most suitable forks and spoons to help beginners find their senses quickly and effectively.

In FFF 2.0, you can also get the perfect experience of how to bend a fork slowly in front of the audience.

If this is your first metal bending, then you will get the ultimate teaching from zero to one.If this is not your first metal bending, then you must be interested in the problems like angle, detail, you must think, how to be better while bending the fork, or, more like "real magic".

In FFF 2,0, we not only share his control over bending details and angles but more importantly explains how to create an incredible sense of bending, which is very important for mind-bending.There will also be a secret weapon inside FFF 2.0, it’s not something heavy, but a cool thing invisible to the audience.

It will be an incredible experience for your audience, and they will share with their friends again and again because they were so impressed.

This will be an Ultimate weapon in your magic show, enjoy.


FFF 2.0 Features:

  • Ultimate teaching from zero to one, over 50 minutes.
  • the most suitable forks and spoon ( 3 forks and 1 spoon inside, there will be refills subsequently.)
  • A revolutionary device, making the bending effect much stronger.
  • Exquisite packaging
  • Come and give your audience an impressed souvenir!

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