Elemental Master


About the design
The whole deck is based on geometrical crystal design. To match with its rich functionality, divination, constellation, etc. is chosen to be the theme of the deck, which is mysterious and elegant. 

Numerous elements, such as the combination of ships, icebergs, statues of liberty, ladies and painters symbolizes the classic movie ------Titanic. 
Besides, the zebra, the hyena, the orangutan, and the tiger can also form a complete story-- such as Life of Pi.

You can read one of the six ESP symbols and twelve constellations that can be used for prediction through the back of the card.
The innovative marking system is concealed well but at the same time it is easy to read. The value and suit of cards, ESP patterns, constellations can be easily read by the markings on the back.
Including a complete instruction PDF.

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