It is all about the story. Remove story from magic and you have uninspiring tricks. Stories connect us with the past and how legacies were forged, inspiring us in own callings and aspirations.

This Blackstone deck pays homage to the famed magician of the 20th century, Harry Bouton Blackstone. He was one of the innovators and pioneers of illusion and mystery that was a model of courtly and elegant performances.

Each court card has a story of its own that follows the suit: Clubs symbolize heritage and loyalty to a tradition above all, Diamonds symbolize riches and the foolish pursuit of them, Hearts symbolize romance and the idolatry of a fleeting love, and Spades symbolize the sharpness of aggression and violence. Thus the King of Clubs illustrating the rich heritage of magic, the Queen of Diamonds grieves as the diamond ring is outside of her grasp, and the Jack of Hearts penning his notes in blood. Symbolism is key in connecting the story with universal truths.  

The art direction and typography was inspired from this. The art has a Victorian flair mixed with modern forms and practices. The typography echos the magician’s upbringing in Chicago with slab type, straightforward embellishments and attention to print.

The story of The Great Blackstone inspired the creation of this deck and the legacy will continue as we craft products and experiences that echo it.


Bund 18

2006 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards given by UNESCO

“This is a building with a soul. It is invested with the prosperity of the early 20th century as well as presenting the elegance in the here and now.”

Founded in 1923, it was the former Chinese headquarter for the Standard Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. The two-year renovation project began in 2002 and was completed at the end of 2004. Since then, it has been put into operation under the name of Bund18.

The difference between the new style and the old one of Bund18 is as distinct as black from white. However, the two styles blend together, for its renovation project adopted a new restoration model of ancient architectures. That is, with respecting the original architectural style as the principle, all the new design concepts are based on being consistent with the original style. Bund18, which witnessed the prosperous landscape of the Bund in the past, integrates top-notch luxury stores, top restaurants, fancy bar and art gallery and becomes a landmark of life, culture and art of Shanghai with its unmatched orientation as the trendsetter and tastemaker.


His unique style of performance combines magic, psychology, influence and mind-reading. His unique approach in mentalism has gain him a tremendous reputation among media, celebrities & politicians. Making him one the most iconic figures in Asia's magic scene.

As the founder of Blackstone Magic Bar & Managing Director of Bund18 Shanghai, Anson Chen never fails to infuse the element of fine art to the commercial world for the general public. Making him one of the most sought-after opinion leader, speaker, performer & entrepreneur in the country.

Blackstone Magic Bar

The Blackstone Magic Bar is a brand new concept created by Mr. Anson Chen. It combines elements of magic with innovative mixology, stylish and modern interior design and close-up magic performed by some of the best magicians in Asia. 

Blackstone Magic Bar will be the first magic bar in China, featuring highly interactive close up magic shows behind the bar while guests enjoy delicious molecular with our team of expert magicians.

The venue design of Blackstone Magic Bar is created by Fillippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis, founders & chief architects at Kokaistudios. Combined with the magic cocktail bar & intimate theatre space to create a truly magical & mysterious atmosphere that will bring you & your guests to another world.

From the immersive design and detail focused service, from innovative cocktails to astonishing magic performances; Blackstone Magic Bar is sure to take you into an extraordinary world of magic that you have never seen & will never forget.

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