Bicycle Pixel V2 Playing Cards Set


  We used drawer structure on PIXEL V2 to show the GameBoy’s shape as possible as we can and of course, we did improve the structure to make things easier when open and close.

  On the screen part, we used raster design. When the raster is turned up and down, the angle between the eyes and the raster will change. Break the boundary between dynamic and static, showing the hidden animation effect. With the help of a raster plate, kitty, puppy and PIXEL images are superimposed on the screen area at the same time, showing a succession of images, cool and visual.

  The design of the suits and numbers abandons the traditional Bicycle style and uses the pixel style as an update,kitty and puppy are chosen as the main elements of the design.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Standard poker size
  • Limited to 700
  • High-quality paper and painting,durable and great touch
  • Lovely puppy and kitty theme,every picture has been carefully designed

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