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Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set

Product image 1Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set
Product image 2Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set
Product image 3Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set
Product image 4Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set
Product image 5Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set
Product image 6Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set

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Artisan Coin is now Available on TCC!

Very Few Left, No longer available in the short term once sold out.


-Poetic routine.

-High-precision gaff coin, the appearance is almost the same as a regular coin.

-Re-milled Half-dollar edge, allowing for a more simplified handling and can more routines.

Although the Sun & Moon Coin was only circulated within a small circle of coin workers, it has also been favored by many coin masters.

Curtis Kam once said, “The Sun & Moon Coins allows one to perform one of the most impressive and memorable coin magic ever created." The Sun & Moon coins in the hands of masters such as Geoff Latta, David Neighbors, Roger Klause, etc. also create all kinds of marvels.

The changes between the sun and moon, sunset and sunrise. This is the unique romance of The Sun & Moon coins.

-In the original version, due to the size, the penny shell could not fit over the half-dollar. Hence, some coins could only be concealed using sleight of hand.

-For the Artisan Coin series, we have specially made a half-dollar, which is trimmed and re-milled. The appearance is no different from a regular half-dollar. However, because it can fit into the penny shell, the difficulty during the performance is greatly reduced and can be easily controlled, even for a novice.

Even the producer of the trailer commented that it was no different from shooting a regular coin.  Hence we have added the split after the coin roll, in order to dispel any comments that we are using a regular coin for the trailer.

This should be the highest praise for our Sun & Moon Coins.

We believe you will enjoy this.

Just use a romantic and poetic routine to conquer your audience.


-Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set

-Coin Purse for the Sun & Moon Set

-No instructions are included. Instructional Tutorial is sold separately                                

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