Artisan HD Folding Coin


Another "Century-old Classic":

Due to the development of machining technology, coin gaffs have gradually formed over the past hundred years. Those that can have remained till this day are all treasures of Magic. 

The Artisan Coin series is committed to redefining these "Century-old classics" coin gaffs with modern technology and craftsmanship.

The Tri-fold Coin is undoubtedly an indispensable classic.

Referring to its earliest record, in "Modern Magic" in 1876, Professor Hoffmann hid it in a magic wand and used it to conjure a coin. Since then, the Folding Coin was developed for more usage and has gradually become one of the more popular coin gaffs in the world.

The Choice of Masters:

The signature usage of a folding Coin is well known to most, the “Coin in Bottle” and “Coin Bite” are seen frequently on TV and Street Magic specials.

Familiar masters, such as Michael Ammar and the late David Roth, also have their own routines using the Folding Coin.

Expert Coin Magic records the coins across and coins through table effects by Roth using the Folding Coin. The World's Greatest Magic video teaching series has also released a magic compilation on Folding Coins.

Meticulous Craftsmanship:

The structure of the Folding Coin is very simple. However, there are two important details that affect the user’s experience.

-Precision cuts:

Although regular cutting is not a problem for everyday performances, we still utilized a more precise cutting method. Hence, the cut marks on the coin are difficult to detect even at very close distances. The eagle on the Tail side of the coin can be observed up to a close distance of 30cm. The Head side can be observed at a close distance of 80cm or further for maximum safety.

-Deeper side grooves:

If you have ever performed the coin through bottle effect using a Folding coin, you would encounter a common problem. That is, the folded-coin will sometimes fall apart. This minimizes it.

Artisan Coin HD Folding Coin

-Precise cuts. Probably the most concealed tri-fold coin.

-The side grooves are deepened to 2mm+ to increase stability.


-Artisan HD Folding Coin

-Coin Purse for the Folding Coin

-No instructions are included. Instructional Tutorial is sold separately

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