Special Note:

Due to the large size and weight of the ARTISAN ENGRAVED CUPS AND BALLS, the international freight is extremely high.

Therefore, this can't be participate in our 49$ Free shipping event.

ARTISAN ENGRAVED CUPS AND BALLS will be charged part of the shipping fee (50$ each).

If you buy more than 1,we will recalculate the shipping cost and email you to confirm the amount.

The actual shipping cost is more than this, and the extra shipping cost will be borne by TCC.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Artisan Cups and balls base material is brass, and then it is placed through four different engraving processes.

Each cup is re-polished and examined after each process to ensure the completeness and accuracy of each engraving.Each cup is then electroplated and screened again and again to ensure that each cup is almost identical in size and weight.

It is the ultimate effort to pay tribute to the culmination of countless magicians' talents.

Comes with hand crocheted working balls with gold thread.The intricate craftsmanship requires high skills, and only a master with sufficient skill can produce such beautiful workmanship.

As our magic wand, we aspire for this to become a collectible magic product.

We designed a brand new wooden display case.Just like the wooden case for the magic wand, this collector's wooden case is made with exquisite craftsmanship. The wine red color is hand stained and hand polished. The wood grains are clear and pleasing to the eyes.

Hidden brass hinges are used for the lid of the box. This makes the opening and closing more stable and graceful.

The inner lining is made of standard EVA flannel, which not only ensures stability when storing the Engraved Cup but also highlights its beauty.

The lid also adopts a newly designed curved display window. The angle of the curved surface is completely ergonomic. Whether it is placed on the storage rack or placed on the table top, it shows the beauty and uniqueness of the engraved cup.

  • Engraved cup weight: 228g
  • Cup height 75mm, cup bottom diameter 45mm, cup inner diameter 71mm, cup outer diameter 79mm (error range ±0.8mm)
  • Red/Gold lace thread ball weight 6g, diameter 29mm
  • Collector’s wooden case weight: 1129g
  • Storage wooden box size: length, width and height 310mm×16mm×17mm.
  • The whole set is: white packaging gift box+shockproof foam cotton×2+collection wooden box+carved cup×3+golden silk ball×4
  • Total weight of Engraved Cup and Balls set: 1890g

Note: Due to manual measurement, there may be slight errors, please refer to the actual product.

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