Special Edition - Artisan Coin HD Series Set (6 Sets)



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Artisan Coin is now Available on TCC!

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12 Sets only, No longer available in the short term once sold out.


This is a Special Edition for the First 200 sets of the Artisan Coin HD Series.

The price is the same as the normal edition but the package will be more elegant, very nice feeling and looking

(The only difference is in the packaging).

There are only 15 Sets left and will no longer avaiable once sold out.


Artisan Coin


Every coin is manually adjusted.

Every coin passes three quality controls.

A Fresh New Height on Coin Gaffs.

This is Artisan HD Series Set, including are 6 AMAZING Gaffed Coin Sets we have been preparing for over 3 years.

Artisan Coin, a new brand under TCC Presents based on Coin Gaffs quality, was founded in 2019 and supervised by Jay Wang. We have spent infinite collaborative efforts, focusing on the world's highest quality and cost-effective coin gaffs and accessories.

All coin magicians must agree that the quality directly determines your performance experience, so every Artisan Coin has been through three different standards quality control and manual adjustment and refinement to perfect every detail.

At the same time, we want coin gaffs not to be expensive niche toys, but to be every day carry that everyone carries around, so we will sell all our products at the most reasonable prices.

We also devote ourselves to the exquisite fashion of packaging, so that you can enjoy it when you hold it.

"I just had a chance to look over the superb coin gaffs made by Jay Wang. They are beautifully crafted and elegantly packaged. Looks like the big coin gaff makers have some competition!"                                  

——Michael Rubinstein


  • Artisan Half Dollar Expanded Shell (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Sun & Moon Set (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Hopping Half Set(Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Folding Coin (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD Flipper Coin (Here to know more)
  • Artisan HD CSB Set (Here to know more)
  • 6×Coin Purse for Every Set
  • Please note Instrucitions is not included.

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