TCC Aluminum Cups and Balls

High-quality aluminum cup and ball set.

The inner and outer surfaces are hand-polished to give it a neat and bright appearance;

What is presented before you is much more than just an aluminum cup and ball set. Numerous prototypes were returned to the manufacturer several times for tweaks and re-adjustments before deciding on the final product. 1.2-thick aluminum was used to make this set of cups;

The width of the shoulder beads was increased from the initial 4.0mm to 5.7mm, to create a more full and rounded look. This also makes it slightly easier to handle and has a better feel;

The crochet balls (Red) are hand-woven around a wooden core;

Highly affordable. Suitable as a first set of cups for the budding magician, or as a practice set, before moving on to more professional sets.

The Aluminum Cups and Balls set contains 3 cups and 4 balls;

Each cup is packed in a separate plastic bag to avoid scratches and bumps during transport.

A single aluminum cup ball weighs approximately 41 grams.

The Aluminum Cups and Balls does NOT come with instructions.

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