The ultimate solution for packet storage

Here is a very particular kind of form in the card magic world that is packet trick. One can use only a few cards to utilize a few simple sleights to create a fascinating illusion. Thus it is a must-have or we can say every day carry in magicians’life.

But here comes a commonplace that is they don’t like a whole deck that can be simple to carry. Normally a packet trick only contains four or five cards which mean it is also easily damaged by bending

To solve this problem, TCC presents has designed multiple packet wallet and received a lot of attention. However, they soon sold out. Since then, we have not produced such a packet wallet just because we have been exploring more scientific methods of carrying.

Finally, we bring you guys our ultimate solution, Accordion-style multifunction bag.

Two-in-one design of the packet wallet and the playing card bag comes with 10 slots that can store more than 50 cards in total, the Accordion-style multifunction bag also has several features that the previous one does not have.

  • The accordion-style design can perfectly show all your packets. That is to say. All the packets will be immediately unfolded right in front of your eyes when the moment you open it thus you can locate and take out the packet or gaff card that you wanna use in the performance as quickly as possible.
  • More compact storage,Accordion-style packet slots will automatically collapse when the packet storage side is closed that protects your packets, make them more straight and flat.
  • Cooperate with one side of the deck to make use of packet and gaff cards more secret. If you just simply taking the packet out of the bag may make audiences feel that the packet is the props prepared in advance. If we first take out the normal deck to perform a few tricks, after that we take out the packet or gaff card from the other side during the offbeat, which will greatly reduce the possibility of being suspected.

That is why we call it“ultimate solution”.We hope that it can bring you as much fun as we think no matter for performance or daily carry.

. High-quality silver zipper

. Perfectly Combined card case and packet wallet together

. 10 slots for packet storage

. The accordion-style design which can perfectly shows all your packets

. More compact storage design to avoid packet deformation

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