The Vip Playing Cards and Vip Package is ready!

For those who have previously purchased the TCC VIP Membership, the VIP Exclusive Members Welcome Pack and Limited Edition Exclusive VIP Members Playing Cards are ready to be shipped.

If you have placed any orders during the TCC 11th Anniversary Sale, we will ship the Welcome Pack & Playing Cards together(please also make a note in your order), if you don’t need, we will also ship them to you recently.

How to subscribe to TCC TOP VIP Membership:

  1. FIRSTLY, please place an individual and separate order for the TCC  VIP Membership.
  2. Please check your account→My downloadable files for the Exclusive Discount Code in TCC VIP MEMBERSHIP. Or click the checkout download button after check out.You will also receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.
  3. You can then use this code immediately to purchase other products on the website during checkout.
  4. We will also invite you to join the Exclusive private Facebook group.
  5. We are continually and constantly refining our membership system. We will inform you if there are subsequent changes.
  6. The Exclusive Members Welcome Pack and Limited Edition Exclusive VIP Members Playing Cards is already done and will shipped alone or with your new order.

Thank you, and we are excited to have you as part of our membership!


Again, please note that the TCC VIP membership should be placed as an individual and separate order (You can place an order for other items after receiving the exclusive discount code).


TCC has launched the TCC VIP membership, and it is now open for subscription.

TCC hopes to provide our core customers with the best service and customer experience. VIP Members will enjoy Five Exclusive Benefits:

  • Limited Edition Exclusive Member Playing Cards
  • Exclusive member gift packages
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Early Access to new releases
  • Exclusive value-added services

Details is all in the Picture Below.

We will also constantly optimize our member benefits and customer service.

All VIP Members will receive an Exclusive Members Welcome Pack. We are currently working on the park and we will ensure that it will be worthy of the annual fee. 

You will receive an email confirmation after placing the order.

We will add you to the VIP members management system within 48 hours and provide you with the discount codes and the FB private group link.

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