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Only 24.9 Dollars For the THE FOUR TREASURES (book+ebook+gaff cards)



The e-book version does not include Gaff Cards, you have to prepare them yourself.

The other two options include Gaff Cards.


Harapan Ong's brand new book, The Four Treasures, features his best and latest work on gaffed card magic. These routines are done with four practical and useful gaffs that he carries every single day. By simply replacing the Jokers and ad cards in any deck with these four gaffs, you will be ready to perform miracles at a moment’s notice!

You will learn:

How to place a signed selection on the spectator’s open palm, have it disappear and impossibly appear in your pocket!

An easy two card transposition that catches even the most astute magicians off-guard!

A packet trick with a stunning imbalanced transposition finale!

A sandwich routine involving two selections, with a Kickback ending that is sure to make your audiences do a double take (this is Harapan's favourite routine in the book!)

Each routine in The Four Treasures is described in great detail, with 100 pages and over 90 colour photographs. A link to the full performance video of every trick is provided in the book for ease of learning.

Each purchase of The Four Treasures also comes with the four required gaffed cards, printed by USPCC (Red Bicycle Rider Backs).

Get your copy of The Four Treasures today and discover the hidden power of these gaffed cards that are destined to become part of your everyday carry.


Words from Harapan:

I have three questions for you.

A fresh deck of playing cards usually comes out of the box consisting of fifty two playing cards and four "extra" cards. These four cards usually consist of two Jokers and two advertising cards.

Here's my first question: What do you do with these four cards?

Do you actually use them? Do you throw them away? Do you leave them on your table, until you end up with a pile of unused junk cards?

Now, those of you who are familiar with custom designed playing cards will know that the advertisement cards are sometimes replaced with gimmicked cards - perhaps a double-backed card and a blank card.

Here's my second question: Do you actually have any good effects that use these gimmicked cards?

My experience is that the large majority of magicians I've asked do not know how to use these gimmicked cards effectively. Hence, these cards are also unfortunately discarded and forgotten.

However, throwing away these four cards leaves a gap in the card case that, in my opinion, should be filled with four other gimmicked cards that are actually useful for magicians. These gimmicks should be like secret weapons that are always by your side. When unleashed, they will allow you to perform absolutely devastating magic.

Here's my third question: Which four gimmicked cards would you choose to carry around with you every day?

This booklet is my answer to the last question. The Four Treasures here refer to a double-backed card, two different double-faced cards and a double index card - four gimmicked cards that I would choose to have on me whenever I am carrying a deck of cards. I believe that these four cards are the most versatile and powerful gimmicked cards to have with you.

In this booklet, I will also be teaching four different card effects, each effect using exactly one of these "treasures". This way, you can be safe in the knowledge that if you have these four cards in your card case, you are always ready to perform at least four killer card effects that will blow your audiences away.

So, grab your deck of cards, and replace those unused Jokers and advertising cards with these Four Treasures. Let's learn some card magic.

Harapan Ong

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