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Black Friday Special Discount.

Only 27.9 Dollars For the LEATHER BALL small size set.


Leather Balls Set(3Normal/1Magnet)

100 % handmade leather balls, also great for use with your Cups & Balls.

Like we did on the balls in leather chop cup, to ensure the best touch, each ball is handmade with the full-grain leather, and inspected layer by layer.

Due to the intricate workmanship, strict quality standard and low output, we only have limited quantity available.

  • Four leather balls set(3 normal and 1 gimmicked), can be used in cups and balls routine or as an additional ball to chop cup routine. Extraordinary and stylish. 
  • Uses full-grain leather and sewn by hand,fit and neat.
  • It weighs about 15g and measures about 26mm (mm)≈1inch (in)


Final Load Ball(1Final Load)

Similiar with our Leather Balls Set.

100 % Handmade Final Leather Load Ball. The perfect ending for Leather Chop Cup.

It comes with one 5cm (~2 inches) baseball and one flannel bag.  Exquisitely made, extraordinary and stylish.

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