The Retail Price is $15, VIP Member will get an additional 12% discount on top of $15.

Also check out our UPDATED CUPS AND BALLS 2.0.


TCC Presents Magic Wand has been on sale for five years and is one of our most iconic products and beloved by many people.

Michael Ammar once marveled at its cost-effectiveness: During the TCC online lecture,Michael Ammar saw the magic wand and used the word ”Wonderful” to describe them.

There are comments from some buyers below:

While we appreciate your support, we know that nothing is perfect.

Based on the feedback of the first version, we have modified the details to the new TCC Presents Magic Wand 2.0.

  • Brass tip has been removed, leaving only the more mysterious silver.
  • The Logo on the magic wand is canceled, which is purer visually.
  • The tip is treated with anti-oxidation to keep the best condition at all times.
  • We only keep the three most popular types, purple sandalwood, leatherwood, and rosewood.

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