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Check the other two for the New Release with Conan Liu This time:MINI SPIRIT SLATES PLUS & TIME BOX.


Outside of the base of this product is veneer, not solid wood. The veneer has the texture and thickness of real wood and is equally excellent.

(If we use solid wood and wanna keep the same strength, the whole base will be 2cm thicker which is bad for the magic itself. Because the other products of the Conan Liu series are wood, hereby stated.)


Smoke and Fire can not only make magic full of visual appreciation, but also increase the stimulation and magic degree, greatly improving the audience's expectation and interest in magic.

You can use it to make flames safely and reliably in any process. It can be used as an independent effect - Mind Ignition, Invisible Touch, Shadow Control, Time Reversal, etc. it can also be used in existing processes.
Double effect - leave a great impression on the audience.

TCC and Conan Liu proudly present the Spirit Fire Clip. You can use it to produce fire safely and reliably in almost any situation. It can be used as a stand-alone effect: pyrokinesis, mind reading, invisible touch, shadow manipulation, time reversal, etc. It can also be used in any of your existing routines.

Main Effect

For example, a signed coin or playing card selected by the audience is wrapped in a piece of paper, and placed in the Spirit Fire Clip. Without touching it, you can ignite it with your mind power and it vanishes completely. Then the audience’s signed coin or playing card is revealed in an impossible location (full routine is included). The visual impact of the flame, and the impossible transposition will burn a lasting impression in the audience's mind.

The device is of durable quality, elegant appearance, portable and light, simple reset, and viewable from 360 degrees angles during performance. It is traveling performer friendly and powered by AAA batteries.

The whole pack includes:

Spirit Fire Clip x1

Remote control x1

Online Video Tutorial by Conan Liu x1

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