Presented by Michael Ammar & Chinese underground magician

ARK Playing Card Co.

Committed to becoming the Most Innovative Playing Card Company in the Industry.

Take Luxury of Playing Cards Design to a Whole New Level, Extremely Limited!

KINGDOM & KINGHOOD Collection Boxsets

Produced By ARK Playing Card Co.

The KINGDOM project is based on the royal theme of the 15th century and its illustrations are drawn from the luxurious style of the Renaissance period. We built this magnificent "Playing Card Palace", added the most beautiful illustrations on it, and hope to Open a New Chapter of Luxury in the Playing Card World.

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Pushing innovation to the extreme and turn the unconstrained creativity into reality.

TEMPO Playing Cards Series

Produced By ARK Playing Card Co.

TEMPO is a sub-brand of ARK, focusing on cardistry decks. This brand is born to be innovative. It hopes to present a unique concept of cardistry to the world and to explore the infinite possibilities of cardistry by creating high-quality and creative products.

Of course, TEMPO's brand concept is not just empty talk. We strive to embrace the spirit of exploration and innovation with our four new products.


A Revolutionary Deck that Unseen Before

Card College Series by d

Produced By ARK Playing Card Co.

What we hope to create is not only a superb product, but also an aesthetical pleasure and a moment of great emotion when you see and touch it. This is what I want, what I pursue, and the reason why I am willing to invest all my passion and effort.


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